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eSVGeSVG is a multi-platform, portable, highly optimized library for rendering SVG vector graphics on embedded and mobile devices. The  lightweight implementation of eSVG is suitable for integration into various embedded systems requiring flexible and powerful XML-based vector graphics.

eSVG implements the SVG 1.2 draft specification for the PC, passing the appropriate conformance tests from W3C SVG conformance test suite that are included as features in the eSVG package.

eSVG supports also the complete SVG Tiny 1.1 and the most of the SVG Tiny 1.2 profile for mobile devices.

eSVG currently supports the most of SVG Tiny 1.2 profile features, SVG Basic profile features and SVG DOM interface entries. Our newest eSVG Mobile versions with the Tiny 1.2 profile support also the Micro DOM (uDOM) specification.

eSVG is also compliant with the OpenVG standard for hardware acceleration of vector graphics.

Additionally, the eSVG project provides multithreaded eSVG scripting as defined in the SVG DOM 2 interface specification. The eSVG scripting language is based on the SpiderMonkey JavaScript language and ECMAScript standard.


  • User Interfaces
  • Visualisation
  • Infotainment systems
  • Industrial Applications
  • eCommerce
  • Location-Based Services
  • Mapping and Positioning
  • Animated Picture Messaging
  • Multimedia Messaging


  • portable (ANSI C/C++ source code)
  • OS independent architecture
  • modular structure with clear interfaces
  • ActiveX interface for Windows based platforms
  • small memory footprint
  • supports XML and W3C standards


  • Microsoft Windows CE (Pocket PC and other devices)
  • Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Mobile 6 (mobile devices)
  • Symbian
  • eCos
  • Microsoft Windows XP/Vista x86/x64
  • Microsoft Windows 98/NT/2000/ME
  • .NET
  • wxWidgets

eSVG is easily portable to various other platforms with or without an operating system.

The eSVG ActiveX control can be used within:

  • MS Visual C++, MS Embedded Visual C++
  • MS Visual Basic, MS Embedded Visual Basic
  • MS Office (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint)
  • MS Internet Explorer
  • Metrowerks Visual C++ for Symbian OS
  • .NET


The basic evaluation eSVG package consists of:

  • Limited eSVG application example with simple SDI shell
  • Limited eSVG DLL/ActiveX for Windows and Windows CE-based platforms 1
  • A number of examples that uses the eSVG ActiveX control
  • A number of SVG examples
  • Documentation and help system

1The limited eSVG DLL/ActiveX allows running of any application example, but it inserts an Evaluation Water Mark over the SVG viewport, with the exception of the evaluation package eSVG examples.

The full eSVG package consists of:

  • Fully-functional eSVG application example with simple SDI shell for all supported platforms
  • Fully-functional eSVG ActiveX control for all supported platforms
  • Fully-functional host platform eSVG IDE for comfortable eSVG script development
  • Full documentation and help system


Download the eSVG evaluation package (registration and login required)

Source Code Licensing

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Ordering information

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